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When you just can’t forget the dates

When you just can’t forget the dates
No it’s not what you think.
LOL ! By dates I mean (dd/mm/yy)

When you have way too much calendar memory

♦ You know you are a date-lover when you still remember exactly when you last wore that dress; it could be like ages ago.

♦ You remember your friends birthdays by heart , by friends I don’t mean those three best friends, I mean all of them you ever met in your lifetime.

♦ Everyday you look at the date and recall something that happened like 10 years ago.

Others: I don’t even remember which year I completed my primary school.
Meanwhile, You : Oh Yeah I completed my 5th grade on march 12th,2004. I had my classmates Pooja , Jasmine & Kaur accompany me back from school …
*and a story follows*

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♦ Your friends and family are just tired of hearing you quote a date with everything you say.

♦ You are always that person in a whatsapp group who says it’s so & so’s birthday and it is followed by everyone else wishing them.
The one day you accidentally missed it because you were pre-occupied and everyone immediately assumes you are having a mental breakdown.

♦ Your new calendar is fully marked in red because there is something about each day that you remember; most of which are just like I washed that shoe last year on this day.

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♦ You watch HOUSE MD and realize that too much of obsession over dates might relate to having a OCD.

♦  Not only do you remember the days which matter to you but also you remember the special days of your friends.

♦ You remember the exact DOB, wedding day , death anniversary of not only your family but also your extended family and your friends’ family.
You never really felt the need for a phone reminder because you are so sure of it.

Ever seen the movie Inside out? It’s like the memory dump with dates stays forever.

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Though it might seem like an awesome thing,  it is actually creepy and people end up thinking that you are stalking them secretly.

 This might seem a bit exaggerated but trust me it does exists.

, also known as hyperthymestic syndrome and highly superior autobiographical memory,is the condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. People remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences.

-Jehosheba is a final year med student and  an Inspirational blogger. She hails from the southern tip of India and currently calls Shandong province of China her home.

Let the know in the comments section below if you can relate to it.
Until next time,
Be Kind always!

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