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Random Updates/ excuses about the silence

Hello my dear online readers,

Clearly I have been failing at this.
 *runs and hides behind the couch*

My last post was on May 28th and it has been more than a month since I opened WordPress. A better explanation would be that I have my final exams going on and also my brother is getting married next month. The excitement is surreal. Now you know what I must have been doing lately.

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*Opens Pinterest *
*Types ‘Wedding ideas, stage backdrop ideas, DIY projects, Makeup ideas, smokey eye tutorials, Groom’s sister speech ideas’*
*Scrolls through it, reading articles for an entire day.*
And also *learns Medicine * because you know exams are up.

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I recently finished watching the Tv series HOUSE MD, and I am completely devastated. I no longer know how to function normally in this world. My dinners are incomplete without it. *sobs over HOUSE silently*
This could also account for my silence , you know I have been mourning .
No more Dr.House♥, Cameron♥,Chase ♥, Thirteen ♥ and everyone else.

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ATTENTION all animal lovers – I’m going to get a LABRADOR PUP soon . I can’t be more excited about it. Soon my blogs are going to be filled with his/her pictures. Stay tuned.

like this baby ❤ PC:pinterest

Also , I have finally decided to go public about my blog ‘DR JEHO SHARES’ on social networks (FB) .I am actually pretty nervous about it though.
In between , My twitter handle is @drjeho_sheba. Follow me if you like.

My exams will be over in a week and I promise I will do a better job at blogging.

One motivational quote that I absolutely love;

With that note,
This is Jehosheba signing off ,

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