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Inspiration #3 Body-Love journey!

Hello My dear Readers!
Last few days has been remarkably mind-boggling *sarcastic smirk* . My brain got stuck in a rut and could not think of anything creative to blog. Though I already had some ideas, I could not gather the courage to pen it down.
Now you’ll be like ‘Well, No one is dying to read your blogs’
Umm.. Yeah I know that, still I was feeling guilty for not being able to put out a post. (lol ! Blogger’s mentality) Like how you would feel if you left your child unattended.

It passed! And here I am..


Today’s dose of Inspiration is focused on Body-Love .

With body shaming – fat and skinny shaming becoming a norm, we need to teach our girls thatΒ  loving their bodies and treatingΒ  it respectfully is very important.

To my Plus Sized Beauties out there:
Dear, Don’t starve yourselves just so you could prove them wrong. Love your body , eat healthy and the weight will take care of itself.
I don’t think being called fat is the worst thing ? Isn’t jealous, wicked, stupid, shallow worse ? I know it lowers your self esteem, don’t let it.


“By choosing healthy over skinny you’re choosing Self Love over Self judgment. You are beautiful.”
Β  – Dr.Steve Maraboli.

To my Naturally Skinny Beauties:
Yes, I understand your pain honey. Telling someone you are too skinny is not a compliment. It is just as bad as telling someone you are too fat. It’s not a nice feeling. Most people just don’t get it.
Its okay to have insecurities but don’t let people make you believe that being skinny is unattractive. They are jealous that you can eat everything when they can’t.
Embrace your bones just as they embrace their curves.

The Beautiful ME!

“Hating your body will not make you thin and being thin will not make you stop hating your body.


Your body your rules, don’t let the society screw you up!

Until next time,
This is Jehosheba signing off,
Be kind always!

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