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A reminder that Self-Love does not mean you are selfish

Gas lighting,Toxic Amnesia, Walking on eggshells” Do these words ring any bells?

If No,
Thank God , like literally you should. You are having an amazing life. Good day!

If Yes!

Oh dear..I’m so sorry for you. Keep reading.

Hey my dear warrior,

Do you feel like you have been trapped in a butterfly jar? Wanting to fly out but you know it isn’t possible. All your views, feelings,thoughts and emotions being discounted all the time.

Do you feel like it’s never gonna turn out the way you want it to? You are so confused with the reality that you end up thinking may be you are just crazy.

Do you feel like it’s not right so deeply but do not have any convincing explanation? 

Let me tell you something.Just because you can’t explain it, does not make it any less valid.I know how frustrating it can be when you are the only one who can see how evil and sneaky it is getting, when everyone else is just blind to it.

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This dose of Inspiration is for those times

– When you have lost yourself in the process of simply putting everyone else first.

-For those times when Self Love feels appropriate at the bottom of your priority list.

– For those times when you are so mentally drained, you don’t wanna speak up ever again.

If I have a dollar for each time I go unheard / misunderstood , I would be a millionaire right now. I’m not joking when I say that.

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But darling the point is
‘Your silence is their greatest weapon.’ The heaven is not gonna crumble if, for once you stand up for yourself. You don’t have to please everyone all the time. Ice-cream can do the job better.Sometimes or at least once try to prioritize yourself over everyone else. It is not being selfish, it is called Self Love.

                     Don’t settle for anything that disturbs your peace. If your intuition says it is not right, may be it really isn’t. Give it sometime, let the light of the day help you to put back all those broken pieces. Trust me when I say that darling, ‘It will fall back into place one day.’ It might take longer than you think but don’t give up.

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Science says that you have a second brain that is your Gut. Sounds ridiculous right? I know. But it is true. Researchers have found that the enteric nervous system of the human body can survive without the brain for a really long time. (Click here to know more about it) So when you feel something is fishy on a deeply unconscious level, it might actually be true. Though you don’t have an evidence at the moment, you will figure it out eventually and life will make much more sense then.

Always know , A healthy relationship is clear. It will never drag you down, it will only inspire you to be better. The doors are always open there and you will never feel stuck. If it feels any different, it’s time for you to listen to your gut.

Because some people push you off a ledge just to catch you and say they saved your life. It can be pretty confusing.


Believe it or not; Confusion is also a kind of narcissistic abuse.

Stay Strong, It has to dawn anyway.

Until next time ,
This is Jehosheba signing off,
Be kind always!

-Jehosheba is a final year med student and  an Inspirational blogger. She hails from the southern tip of India and currently calls Shandong province of China her home.

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