28 Things you wish you knew about your 20s earlier

“It feels extremely out of pace sometimes.” This is something I hear a lot often. Of course ! You will never understand it. Entering the 20s club might have been fun because now you are no more a teenager .You are an adult finally . You remember as a kid how you wanted to just grow up as fast as possible so you would finally get to argue with your parents. You thought once you have grown up , you will have all the answers, just to realize that still you don’t know shi*. There is a wave of emotions around you all the time trying to swallow you. When you speak to your parents you are expected to behave as a grown up now. Its time to get your shi* together already .The thought that you could no longer be a kid would hit you sometimes and you would feel like a total stranger left alone in a the new world .
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When someone asks you how old you are, It is no longer fun to say your age. You have finally realized that time flies much faster than you think and your twenties would be over soon . It kinda stirs up the panic in you. While half of your newsfeed starts filling up with engagement photos, You finally start accepting yourself as a twenty something person.

Here I would like to break down 28 Realizations I have arrived at in my early twenties, which would hopefully make you feel like you are not alone. We are all a mess.

1.You have to Stop regretting the choices you made.
We have all been there. As a teenager we have all made stupid choices. Its okay as long as you have realized it.

2.You have to stop reciting your past stories. It isn’t going to take you anywhere. Stop whining over your last break up. And get your shi* together girl.

3.There is a reason behind everything . You just have to be patient enough.
We have all heard that famous quote “Everything happens for a reason ”
It is definitely true. And the reason mostly is that you were dumb.

4.Not everything that happened is for the greater good.But it will build the NEW YOU, much stronger and bolder.

5. Find hope in the farther end rather than the dead end. Because going back to your past is a foolish thing.

6.Stay calm and try not to overact when things get hard.

7.Stop being hard on yourself. You are not the only one responsible for the bad things that have happened to you. Embrace your mistakes.

8.Loving yourself is hard. But make it a habit.

9.Give time for yourself first. Understand your priorities. Know that no one is going to be there till the end.

10.Smile now that you can . It will not always be easy.

11.You will slowly realize that not all those promises you made on the last day of high school lasted. Those who said that they will be in contact forever are now gone.

12.By now you already have that one best friend who has turned into a complete stranger.
And Its okay . Don’t panic. Not everyone is meant to stay.

13.The last time you met your parents you must have noticed that your mom’s hair has almost turned grey and your dad’s face has developed wrinkles. It has hit you that your parents are getting old and you can’t do anything about it. You wish you could visit your parents more often.

Your siblings are at verge of getting married . You can’t accept that they have grown up that much. You panic for them at times.

14.Family is the only thing you will adore at the end. You realize you would do anything to have them safe and sound.

15. Don’t worry about what others would say as long  as *the others* doesn’t involve your family.

16.No one is as great as your mom and dad when it comes to love and sacrifice. Appreciate them. Don’t take them for granted.

17. Learn to leave your past behind you.

18. You realize that breaking up with your best friend is far more painful than leaving your toxic relationship.

19.Understand that most people aren’t bothered to know your problems unless it is interesting and would make a nice gossip.

20.Just don’t worry about what the future holds. What has to happen will happen anyways.Your Prince charming will find his way . Trust me when I say that.

21.Don’t trust anyone too much because almost everyone is going to betray you atleast once. There are going to be times when you will feel like it is the end of the world. Don’t worry, it will pass.

22. Listen to that little inner voice , the one we call “the gut feeling”. Because most of the time , it is right. The number of times I have ignored it and later regretted is quite alarming.

23. Everyone is fighting battles you know nothing about. Be kind always. Don’t judge others on what you see. It is not necessarily true.

24.You are going to be broke most of the time. There will be times when you will think about asking your ex to pay you for the time they wasted.

25.Your metabolism which kept you skinny no matter what junk you ate is planning to leave you. Learn to eat healthy before you regret.

26.You finally give up trying to change yourself and learn to love what you see in the mirror. Leave your insecurities behind. Just as Chris Brown says You are beautiful just the way you are.

27.Eat the damn pill. No one is giving you an oscar for the amount of pain you can endure everytime Miss.Scarlet visits . Learn to take care of yourself.

28. “I don’t know what I am doing with my life “ This sums it all. Stay calm. Everything is going to be okay.

This is the time when can make the most of it. You will not be young forever.This decade will leave you with unforgettable experiences that will define you for the rest of your life.Be wise.

Not all these would be relatable , But I think atleast some of these would help you make your life better as you explore this strange place.

Much love,
Hope you are having a great day!
This is Jehosheba signing off,
Be kind always!


Jehosheba is a final year medical student and a blogger. She hails from South India and currently calls People’s republic of China her home.

Did you find this relatable? Please let me know in the comments section below and follow me for more such blogs.

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