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To that BFF who is just another phone contact now

Didn’t we have the ‘Best Friends Forever‘ kind of thing?

You were the first one I’d run to ; whenever I had something
interesting going on.
We could do the craziest things together, crack the funniest joke ,
rant about absolute crap for hours and never get bored.

We shared all our childhood stories right from the first crush to the last ex,
It was as though we were re-living it.

You told me I was like your sibling and you’d adopt me into your family,
I loved it.
I was your hair stylist , I felt like it was my job to get you the best look.
You said you liked to walk with me,
So, every day I waited for you after the classes ended.

You said you like coffee very much ,
And that’s why our canteen’s coffee became half of our blood.
You called me up when you didn’t feel like coming to the college,
And I took lectures only on those days.

We fought over petty stuffs and thats what made our friendship strong.
I took it as my right to mend your life’s decisions,
you seemed to like it.
You said you had finally met your dream girl,
I made sure she was the best one for you.

You never wished me on my birthdays,
and said that’s what made you special from everyone else.
You being over protective, me acting like your lil sister,
It was perfect.
Whenever you said you were having a bad day , mine got spoiled too.

I told you that you were the best thing that ever happened to me ,
You remained silent.

We had decided to do our masters together..
We started designing our bucket lists together and what not!
We had so much in common that it sometimes felt unbelievable.

You’d show up randomly ,every time I thought of you.. I thought the wavelength we shared was magical.

You’d embarass me to the breaking point and somehow it was still okay to me.
You always called me a ‘shawty’, critisized my looks , mocked and bullied me
but I always thought that was fun too.
Not realising I was slowly turning into a masochist..

Until that day , when I finally found out that you were just another lie.
You are out of my life but you know what,
I still cherish the memories we once shared though it was all fake.
The betrayal was hard to accept but just know , I am not hurting anymore. 

I don’t hate you,
I just hope you find a friend just like YOU one day! 

Disclamer: This wasn’t aimed at anyone but if you think I’m writing about you , I probably am.

9 thoughts on “To that BFF who is just another phone contact now

  1. Wow! I couldn’t stop reading! I thought of my own life! I thought of someone who had betrayed my daughter. It felt like you could have been writing about them too! Bravo!


    Liked by 1 person

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