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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge #DAY 1

‘HellO ITS ME! 
  I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet..hmmm..

… HellOOOo from the outside ..’ 😛

Admit it , you sang along right from Hello.
Ha ha .. Adele has got us to the point where no one can ever say HELLO without singing !
Omg! her voice.. I’m never getting over it.

Okay now let me stop singing and get to the part!

I am really excited to announce that I have been nominated by the lovely Cinderzena for the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge #Youtuber edition! Thank you dear.
Do check out her blogs, she is such an awesome sauce 🙂

The Rules are: 

◆ Thank the person who nominated you.
◆ Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
◆ Nominate 3 bloggers each day.
◆ Inform your nominees.

# DAY 1 – I am going to pick out some great quotes from my favourite youtuber.

Well because I’m pretty much obsessed with Lilly Singh AKA SUPERWOMAN, all the 3 QUOTES are going to be hers.


Lilly Singh


For those of you who don’t know who she is, I think you’ve been living under a rock .. lol! No offense :p

LILLY SINGH, known by the name ‘SUPERWOMAN’ is a GREAT INSPIRATION for millions of people around the globe including me, she is taking the world by a storm. She is pretty, funny and what not! Click here to get inspired.
Warning: You might get addicted.

I would like to nominate ;

1) JD @Patterns of Randomness

2) @Perfection has a price blog

3) Aishwarya @From that corner of my heart.

Did you like these quotes? Do you already know Lilly ? Do let me know in the comment section below. C’on lets have a conversation.

Until next time,

This is Jehosheba signing off,
Be kind always!

PC: Annie’s Brain 🙂 

8 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge #DAY 1

  1. I should let you know, it was initially just a general quotes challenge, and as I’d done it many times already I put a twist on it lol, but its great to give these guys some exposure in the blogging world too 😛 it was so hard to find Lilly quotes tho, she’s amazing on screen but there’s not many quoted out there! XD

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  2. i loved reading this post and am also thankful for the nomination! however that being said, I am choosing to not participate as I am trying to not stray far from the original intentions of my blog. I really appreciate your nomination all the same, and look forward to reading the rest of your quotes! 🙂

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