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Sorry Amy! Humanity failed you.#RIPAmy

Bullying happens but it doesn’t mean it should. Don’t make it seem like it is a normal thing to do, just because you hear about it every day.

YES! This is about the #RIPAmy you saw all over twitter last week.
For those of you who are unaware of this;  AMY INITA JOYNER, a 15 year old highschool student was beaten to death by five other female students in the Delaware H.S school washroom at about 8:30am. Some of you will be wondering what’s special about this? Isn’t this something we hear about every now and then ? Yeah! I hear you. The girls had beaten Amy so bad that her ribs had caved in , so  she could not be given CPR and was rushed to the nearest hospital in a helicopter where she was pronounced dead.
Now you’ll be like OMG! that was bad. I know. It shook my soul when I heard about this.
But Wait this is not over, the thing that caused huge turmoil all over the world is that when Amy was being attacked by these girls, peers stood by recording it instead of saving her from those bullies.Now this blew my mind. Whaaat ? I can’t even imagine this happening! How could you do this, when your fellow classmate is lying in a pool of blood struggling for her life. You are supposed to pick up your phone and dial ‘911’ not open your camera.

What is wrong with our generation ? When did people become so cruel ? How can these kids have so much rage as to hurt another human being this bad?

And overall there is this common notion that “Girls are extra compassionate” Now what? I don’t even know Amy personally. But I can’t get over it. Everytime I think of this my heart sinks. I can’t even imagine what Amy must have felt when she saw people recording it while she bleed her life out. This innocent soul was beaten to death. Rumors say that they were fighting was over a boy .I don’t care if they were fighting over a damn cookie. She does not deserve to lose her choice of living.

May be it was a usual thing for them to bully, that’s why it was easy for the people around to take their phones and record it.

Kids these days don’t even realise that killing someone is bad. One of the girls took to Instagram and posted this.
twitr amy
I don’t think she has any kind of remorse over what she did.
I don’t care if they are just 16 year olds , if they had the courage to kill a person over such silly issues , they should be sent to jail. We hope charges will be pressed against the perpetators and justice will be granted to this baby girl.

Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It’s a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment.” – Zack W. Van

Amy is just another victim of bullying. Now that she lost her life , those bullies are going to be charged. But what about the other millions of ‘AMY JOYNER’ who die mentally and emotionally every single day and still go unnoticed ?!

If you are a bully , please stop !
What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?” – Lynette Mather

If you hear or see someone being bullied please reach out for help. Don’t leave it unnoticed. Because the victim will not try to reach out for help in fear of being called a crybaby and finally end up in suicide.
Lets do our part.

Bullying cannot be forgiven. It is humanity at its worst! 

-Jehosheba is a final year med student and  a blogger. She hails from the southern tip of India and currently calls shandong province of China her home.


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