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Life as an Overseas Med Student

Hello My dear online readers!

 If there is one thing I should say which is very different in China is that almost everyone here follows that proverb which we all once memorized at primary school “Early to bed , Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise ” unlike us Indians. I don’t mean to say that we are lazy, we are just different. We learn proverbs only for Exams . Yeah..And that’s not our fault!

I am one of the thousand Indian students who have come to China to do their MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) and currently I am in my final year . So it has been almost 4 years of living here. So I decided to share my experience . I live in the Eastern part of China.

I hail from the Southern Tip of India , So every time I go home I come across these questions,

1.Do Chinese eat dogs?
2.Do Chinese eat Snakes ?
3.I have heard they also eat human fetus too , really ?
4.You will not find any stray dogs in China , ha ha!
5.Be careful when you eat meat in China, It is probably dog.
6.How do you recognize the people there? Don’t they all look the same ?

And many more..

My answer for all these would be like… ummhh.. No.. I have never seen dog or snake meat being sold at any store.. And almost everyone here loves I don’t think they would eat them.DSC_0017

It is a very beautiful country where you get to experience all the four seasons ! Not to mention the Winter is quite long and terrible.. But at the end its totally worth it.

Thank you my dear friends for sticking around,
Much LOVE ,
This is Jehosheba signing off,
Hope you are having a great day
And remember Be kind always!

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