Why I decided to blog ?

HELLO my dear Online readers,
I have been passionate about writing all my life . The other day I was going through several articles on the internet and this thing struck me like why shouldn’t I start blogging? I didn’t know what I should write about and then I decided to write about my life in china .So couple of days back I posted this blog ( ) and my page got like 69 views in 2 days . I was like who the shemurr reads it ..though I bet half of the views would have been mine .

I love to read articles on various topics like health , nutrition ,beauty hacks, reviews on cosmetics and stuffs . Recently I have been a huge fan of the Youtuber Lilly Singh , she inspires me a lot . Lately I have been on an emotional roller coaster and I discovered that writing keeps me off the hook. So I decided to do it more often and make it kind of useful to others as well. It kind of takes me to my HAPPY PLACE we #Teamsuper would call it UNICORN ISLAND.

Being an Introvert makes it easier , like others we don’t feel the need to have people around us to have fun . Instead having people around could be energy draining when you have already had a long day. Having a pen and a paper is just enough fun for me . I could like go for hours writing about anything and not getting bored.
In simple words ..Writing makes me happy so I decided to blog.

If something makes you happy and as long as it isn’t illegal should go for it.

Thank you for sticking around !
Much love,
This is Jehosheba signing off .
Hope you are having a great day.
And remember Be kind always.

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